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Workouts Aren't Always Entertaining - Stronghorn Fitness

Workouts Aren’t Always Entertaining

As much as we try to make workouts entertaining and fun, they’re not always going to be. Sometimes they’re a grind or they’re slow. Sometimes they have exercises that you HATE or rep schemes that really challenge your generally positive attitude. And that’s ok. In fact, it might be better for you than the entertaining workouts. Let me explain.

As a fitness coach who takes pride in my profession and passion for helping people build stronger, healthier and happy bodies, I generally don’t care about how entertained you are during a workout.

That’s because I’m not an entertainer.

I’m a fitness coach.

You work with me to create valued changes in your health, vitality and strength. You had real fitness goals. You weren’t looking for entertainment, you were looking for results.

That’s my focus, your results.


I understand that you want entertaining aspects to the workouts.

Sometimes you want workouts that leave you gassed for the rest of the day. You want workouts that have an element of competition and accomplishment.

I get it, I know where you’re coming from, but really what you need is a workout that puts the focus on the goal at hand.

That’s what I do. I write and prescribe workouts with a goal in focus. Because of that, they won’t always be what you want, but they’ll always be what you need.

Now of course I still try to sprinkle in those entertaining aspects to the workout, like team based elements, timed pieces or introductions of new exercises. But understand that I’m not really concerned about your approval or level of entertainment; I’m concerned about your progress to your goals.

What’s Wrong With Entertaining?

Nothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with entertaining workouts. In fact, I believe they’re crucial in helping keep you motivated to continue on your journey.

So, I’m not saying that the majority of my workouts won’t be entertaining or have elements of entertainment. Nor do they have to be a total drag to be effective.

But there is a bell curve to this.

The more entertaining the workout, the less effective the workout. And vice-versa. The key is to average out that bell curve. Either always hit that sweet spot of entertaining and effective, or mix in entertaining with effective and take the good with the bad.

On a personal note, I’ve found more success in my personal fitness when I stopped being worried about how “fun” the workout would be, and started focusing on the intention and effectiveness of the workout.

So, if you’re just looking to be entertained, go see a movie. Or hit up one of those fitness classes where the the room looks more like a night club than a gym. Or join up with a outdoor group where you become one in the herd of 100’s!

But if you’re looking for results, come see me and be ok with that fact that I’m not an entertainer, I’m a fitness coach, and my classes are small and intimate because I care about every one of my clients results.








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Coach Joe

Joe holds multiple certifications through nationally accredited sources including, but definitely not limited to; Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach through Dragon Door Publications and Personal Trainer / Sports Performance Enhancement through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Valuing education, he plans on continuing his learning and growth in teaching kettlebells and practical healthy lifestyle changes to promote longevity and vitality to his clients and followers. Voted one of Austin's Best Personal Trainers in the Austin Fit Magazine 2017 Best Of Awards, Joe prides himself on making fitness fun and effective for all clients no matter their fitness level. Even though Joe is one of the top personal trainers in the Austin area, he also works with clients remotely and in group classes. Learn more about him HERE.

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