• “Stronghorn has helped push my fitness all around to another level, especially when I’ve hit a wall at the gym working out by myself. All the trainers always help to modify to ensure you are pushing yourself and getting use out of your time together.”

  • “My instructor as well as those who work out with me held me accountable and encouraged me all along the way. The words of encouragement are priceless!”

  • “…every Stronghorn session leaves me feeling stronger, sharper, and well-tired.”

  • “After years of maintenance, I’ve seen demonstrable change in my tone and strength.”

  • “Everyone should join Stronghorn because not will you get a great bodyweight or kettlebell workout, but SH is made up of a fantastic group of people from all fitness levels and backgrounds that will push you to get the best workout in your session.”

  • “I feel like part of a team. I’m a quiet person by nature but the trainer and others I work-out with always include me and encourage me when I needed to finish those reps.”