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What's Up With The Get Up? - Stronghorn Fitness

What’s Up With The Get Up?

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Kettlebell Get Up – aka: Turkish Get Up. This is partly due to my attraction to the ancient systems of strength, and at the ripe age of 200, this is one of the oldest tests of strength. But it’s been proven to be more than a test of strength; it’s a test of mental grit, focus, stability and mobility.

“The One-Arm Get Up is a general test of strength, which had considerable appeal to most strongmen of yesteryear… It has aways made a hit with the theatrical public, for it was obvious to them that magnificent strength was being displayed when an athlete did a One-Arm Get Up with a heavy bell.” – Sig Klein, American strength legend.

Why do them?

Besides just showing off in front of your grandma, there are great reasons to do Get Ups, here are a couple of my favorite ways to apply the Get Up.

Assessment and Warm-up drill

After 5-10 minutes of Get Up practice, you’ll have a good idea of what you kind of baggage you’re bringing to your session. If you feel strong and your movements have been crisp, you know you’re ready to crush what lies ahead. If the opposite is true, however, you know that you need to either adjust your load, intensity or both.

Starting your session with Get Up practice is also a great way to check in with your mobility. If you feel “hung-up” in the hips, spend some time with hip specific mobility drills. If you’re feeling restricted in the shoulders or t-spine, you know you need to show some love there.

Strength Training

In addition to being a great assessment and mobility tool, the Get Up can be used as a way to make significant gains in strength. Heavy Get Ups will build bullet proof shoulders, rock hard core and confidence.

These gains happen due to the element of time-under-tension that occurs during the Get Up. There’s nothing more challenging the having a heavy bell over your head while you move from the floor to standing.

When to do them?

Honestly, this is one of those movements that I’d suggest doing daily. You could use a light kettlebell for a warm-up drill before ANY workout. Or mix it into your strength day with a few sets of heavy Get Ups. I’d never do more than 10-20 total and usually take 60 to 90 seconds of rest between sets, depending on your goal.

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Coach Joe

Joe holds multiple certifications through nationally accredited sources including, but definitely not limited to; Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach through Dragon Door Publications and Personal Trainer / Sports Performance Enhancement through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Valuing education, he plans on continuing his learning and growth in teaching kettlebells and practical healthy lifestyle changes to promote longevity and vitality to his clients and followers. Voted one of Austin's Best Personal Trainers in the Austin Fit Magazine 2017 Best Of Awards, Joe prides himself on making fitness fun and effective for all clients no matter their fitness level. Even though Joe is one of the top personal trainers in the Austin area, he also works with clients remotely and in group classes. Learn more about him HERE.

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