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Use This One Exercise To Maximize Shoulder Stability - Stronghorn Fitness

Use This One Exercise To Maximize Shoulder Stability

The Kettlebell Arm Bar is a simple and effective exercise used to create more stability in the shoulder. It’s also great for increasing mobility in the thoracic spine in addition to stretching out the lats and the pecs.

Why The Kettlebell Arm Bar

The Kettlebell Arm Bar is easy to apply and a big bang movement. Primarily prescribed as a shoulder stability drill, the arm bar requires the larger and smaller muscles of the shoulder to lock the kettlebell in it’s position. These same muscles or also used for the pulling and pushing exercises as well as the rotation of the shoulder.

In addition to the stability gained in the shoulder, this simple exercise will also increase thoracic mobility and help stretch the lats and pecs. Both of which are very important to anyone who sits at a desk for too long.

Set Up

  • Equipment: Light Kettlebell (m=16k, w=12k)


  • Start: On the floor in the get-up position with your unloaded arm extended overhead.
  • Motion: Slowly turn towards the unloaded side, keeping the loaded arm vertical and loaded shoulder packed. The free leg will “kick stand” out in front, rotating your hips over to the floor.
  • Cues: 
    • Keep loaded arm vertical
    • Once in position, relax the neck and keep shoulders stacked and packed
    • Movements should be slow and controlled


  • The Kettlebell Arm Bar can be used as a warm-up prior to a shoulder focused workout, or a part of a recovery based workout
  • Hold the final position for 5-10 deep breathes
  • Perform 3-5 sets for both sides
  • Superset this exercise with a dynamic mobility drill, like the Kettlebell Halo, and you’ve got a fantastic shoulder mobility/stability set.



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Coach Joe

Joe holds multiple certifications through nationally accredited sources including, but definitely not limited to; Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach through Dragon Door Publications and Personal Trainer / Sports Performance Enhancement through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Valuing education, he plans on continuing his learning and growth in teaching kettlebells and practical healthy lifestyle changes to promote longevity and vitality to his clients and followers. Voted one of Austin's Best Personal Trainers in the Austin Fit Magazine 2017 Best Of Awards, Joe prides himself on making fitness fun and effective for all clients no matter their fitness level. Even though Joe is one of the top personal trainers in the Austin area, he also works with clients remotely and in group classes. Learn more about him HERE.

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