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Use This Kettlebell Move To Build A Strong Back - Stronghorn Fitness
How to Do the Kettlebell 1-Arm Bent Row

Use This Kettlebell Move To Build A Strong Back

Looking for the most effective way to build back strength? Think it’s impossible to get it done with just one piece of equipment? Then you should get to know the Kettlebell 1-Hand Bent Row.

Why the Kettlebell?

There’s no doubt that you could do, and probably have done, this exercise with a dumbbell or barbell, but the kettlebell has a unique design in the distribution of the weight in relation to the handle, which better mimics objects you probably use everyday, like a suitcase, grocery bag, purse, etc.

So not only is it more “functional” then the conventional fitness tools like the dumbbell and barbell, but it also creates more challenge for the muscles in the core, wrists and other stabilizer muscles.

This is not a big secret btw. In fact, the kettlebell has been around since the ancient Greek times…but this isn’t a history lesson, nor are we concerned with where it originated. This article is to showcase a kettlebell movement that you can easily use to build high-quality strength in the back.

1-Hand Bent Row

The main focus for the Bent Row is to strengthen the posterior chain – or backside of the body, as well as the muscles of the shoulders and core – including the muscles that most directly elicits better posture and decrease risk of injury.

  • Set up in a split stance, with left foot next to the kettlebell and right foot stepped back. Left knee should have a bend but keep it over the ankle and inline with the 2nd toe. Right knee should also have a soft bend but still active and inline with the rest of the leg.
  • Set and maintain a neutral spine, with the chest open. The left arm may rest on the left thigh.
  • Grab the bridge of the kettlebell with the right arm. Be sure to keep the right shoulder packed strong and away from the right ear.
  • In a slow and controlled motion, pull the kettlebell towards the base of your ribs. Elbow leading the way high and tight to the body.
  • Pause at the top before descending the kettlebell back to the ground, next to your left foot.
  • Perform 8-12 reps, with a slow controlled tempo. Then repeat sequence for other side.  Take 60-90 seconds of rest between sets.

model: Jess Martin

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Jess Martin

Jess grew up in Austin, Texas. Some of his favorite things include playing basketball and food prepping. Learn more about him HERE.

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