What Are Sweat Sessions?

Grab life by the bells!

This is Austin’s only kettlebell based fitness system with goal oriented, member focused and results driven workouts and a community bonded through mutual misery and high fives.

We cycle through the three main aspects to fitness Strength Speed Stamina in programs that range from 8-12 weeks long. Each program is comprehensively built with workouts that maximize results in minimal time.



This is all about the explosive movements. Think Jump Squats, Sprints and the like in short (2-4minutes) rounds. We focus on working those fast twitch muscle fibers to make them more efficient and increasing our speed.


Make sure you bring your lungs! These workouts utilize high rep ranges (50-100reps) and long rounds (20-25minutes) forcing your lungs to become more efficient. Providing your muscles with oxygen to continue working over the lengthy round times and high rep ranges.


Focuses on compound movements and medium length rounds (4-8min). Goal here is hypertrophy of the muscles and using resistance and big movements to force muscles to become stronger through challenging workload.