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Three Strength Building Exercises you Should be Utilizing

Looking for the exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to building muscle? Check out these three strength building exercises you need to try.

Goblet Squat Active Holds

This is a super simple yet very challenging exercise. Simply grab your Kettlebell, hold it like a goblet at your chest and squat down. Let your elbows slide between your knees and keep your head up and shoulders packed.

At the bottom of your squat, just hold. That’s it. Hold it for 30 second, then a minute. See how long you can hold that active position.

*I say “active” because if you are able to bottom out on your squat, you will just be in a resting position. If so, raise up 3-4 inches and hold. Stay ACTIVE.

WTF Walkabouts

In the single hand overhead position, pack your shoulder into your back pocket and start walking. Once you feel unstable or at risk if dropping the KB, drop it into the rack position and continue to walk.

Once that feels unstable or like you might pass out, drop it into a suitcase carry (at your side) and walk until your grip gives out. That’s one side, repeat on the other.

Around the Worlds

Holding a heavy ass kettlebell in front of your body at arm’s length standing upright, release with one hand and connect back behind your back… switching hands, release and come back to front position. This is one 360-degree revolution around your body. Do this to one side and then the other.

Keep your core tight and try not to smack your hips. Focus on making perfect circles, not lopsided or oblong loops. Keeping your shoulders in the “back pocket” position, this movement forces your body to fire almost everything at once to control the weight.

Go until you can’t anymore and then kiss your finger snapping ability goodbye for a day or two. 😀

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