Standards Level 1

Grab life by the bells!

The Stronghorn Standards System is the final package of what we have discovered to be the very essence of fitness, vitality and longevity.

This extensive system starts at the very foundation to create a strong and mobile body through understanding and appropriately applying the fundamentals to human movement patterns, Kettlebell utilizations and the Stronghorn training philosophy.

This level is all about the fundamentals – it’s the foundation for the total system. Here is where you’ll learn how to move better and stronger. Here is where you will set the foundation to your growth in mobility, strength and total athleticism. Here is where you’ll learn to master the basic movements used throughout the Stronghorn sweat sessions.


  •         “Stronghorn has helped push my fitness all around to another level…”

  •   “My instructor… held me accountable and encouraged me all along the way…”

  • “…every Stronghorn session leaves me feeling stronger, sharper, and well-tired.

  • “After years of maintenance, I’ve seen demonstrable change in my tone and strength.”

  •   “SH is made up of a fantastic group of people that will push you to get the best workout…”

  •   “The trainer and others I work-out with always include me and encourage me when I needed to finish those reps.”

  • “Since joining Stronghorn, I have consistently been in the best shape of my life”

  •   “Stronghorn is a great balance of fitness training and community building.”

  • “I never thought I would gain back my strength after cancer treatments but Stronghorn has helped me to get strong.”

  •   “This program allows me to help workout a number of the stresses I have in my life and make more positive and healthy choices!”

  •   “My core is stronger, I am tougher and more resilient, and I’m capable of so much more than when I started – and gaining still!”