Coach Danea

Health means so many things to different people. To me, the sweet spot for sustainable wellness is found in balance. What does that mean? Well, it means not falling into either extremes. The most freedom I’ve found in the area of health & wellness has been found in balance and by building a healthy lifestyle that incorporates regular, fun exercise routines, a generally healthy diet with the occasional slice of pizza on the weekend.

I’m all about helping you find what it means to live a healthy lifestyle for you. Do you the have time and want to get a hour long workout in or are you wanting a 20 minute routine so you can get sweaty and then on with your day? Do you thrive in the gym scene or are you wanting to stay in the comfort of your home?

I’m here to help you design a healthy and sustainable and personalized fitness routine that you’ll stick with for the long run! I’m all about celebrating progress, not perfection. I’m super hands on and want to give you not just my knowledge but my encouragement and accountability as well. I’m on your team and all about helping you reach your goals!