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Are Social Events Ruining Your Weight Loss Efforts?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have the best of intentions when it comes to your weight loss goals. But as we all know, life, especially our social obligations, can quickly derail you. Most of the time this happens before we even realize, and by then it’s too late.

So what’s the trick? Lucky for you, Danea has it al outlined. All you have to do is read and take action!


It’s pretty well understood that employees who participate in healthy lifestyles are nearly half as likely to suffer from burn-out, fatigue or depression. Which means that if your team is healthy, they’ll be more productive, creative and happier.

While personal fitness goals are individually set, there are ways you, as a team leader, can help facilitate a healthier and more productive team. Here are 3 ways to get started.

Use These 4 Kettlebell Exercises For A Full-Body Workout

As you know, we’re crazy about Kettlebells! One reason is because of how easy it is to put together a Full-Body Workout. Like the one featured in this post, a Full-Body Kettlebell Workout can be effective with only 4 exercises and enjoyed in some fresh spring sun in the backyard.

The key to creating a Full-Body Workout, is to hit all the basic movement patterns. (We’ll discuss them full detail in a later post, so for the scope of this, just know that we’re talking about mainly the : Pull, Squat, Press, and Hinge patterns.) Yes there are a couple more movement patterns, like the Lunge and Rotation / Anit-rotational patterns, but today we’re looking for big-bang with little time.


Here’s the breakdown

You’ll need an appropriately sized kettlebell (Beginners 10k; Intermediates 16k; Advanced 22k) as well as a timer (we prefer the Gymboss Interval Timer, but a simple stopwatch works as well).

Next, set up your timer for :45 seconds on :15 seconds off and perform the following sequence a total of 3-5 rounds through with 1-2minutes of rest between rounds. Using timing intervals like this will benefit more to those looking to torch fat.

If you’re goal is strength, you can turn the timing intervals into 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps with 2minutes of rest between sets. Either way you go, focus on quality over quantity with the exercises and keep good form.

Here are the exercises

Dead Clean & Press

Stand with feet firmly grounded and hip width apart with kettlebell in between feet.

Maintain nuetral spine as you reach for the kettlebell using the deadlift patter. Grasp kettlebell at handle with both hands then snap the hips while pulling the kettlebell up to the chest. Slide hands to the horns to catch the kettlebell in the goblet position. Keep the core tight and glutes engaged as you press the kettlebell above your head.

Kettlebell Dead Clean & Press

Slow and controll, bring the kettlebell back to the goblet position and then finally to the ground.

Rinse and Repeat

Goblet Squat

Safely bring the kettlebell to the goblet position, see above.

Keep the chest tall as you send the hips back and down in the Squat. Aim to get hips below knees while keeping the torso upright and spine long.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Drive through the heels, but keep the toes grounded, to return to standing. Be mindul of the knees, make sure they stay strong and inline with the second toe.


Start with feet shoulder width apart and kettlebell roughly 1-2 feet in front.

Send the hips back and slightly down as you reach out for the kettlebell. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine and tight core as you firmly grasp the handle and load the hips.

Hike pass the kettlebell high in between the thighs. At the furthest point with a flat back, pop the hips to stand tall and send the kettlebell out in front.

Kettlebell Swing

Keep tight and patient as the kettlebell travels up to eye level. As the kettlebell starts it’s return, wait untill it’s just about waist level, then hinge at the hips while pulling the kettlebell back through the hips. Park the kettlebell back to the start position after your last rep.

Alternating Rows

Stand with feet hip width apart and kettlebell on the ground in between the arches of the feet. Send the hips back and slight down, be sure to keep the hips higher than the knees but lower than the shoulders.

Reach for the handle with one hand and pull the kettlebell to the lower ribs while keeping strong and ballanced. Be sure to NOT round the back!

Alternating Bent Rows

Slowly return the kettlebell to the ground and switch hands. Alternated between each side for the desired number of reps or alloted time.

That’s all folks!

Hope you found this to be helpful in creating your own full-body workout using only 4 exercises and 1 kettlebell. If you need more guidance, support or anything that we can do to help you along in your fitness journey, please contact us today! We’re eager to help as many people as we can!

Keep it sweaty!

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