A Buying Guide To Your First Kettlebell

Ready to buy your first kettlebell?! Great, I’m glad you’re here then.

Buying a kettlebell is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Not every bell is built the same. And there’s a lot to consider when buying your first. Especially if you want something that will last you and be the right tool needed to accomplish your goals. Like what weight? What style? Should it have a neoprene coating or powder coating?  In this buying guide to your first kettlebell – I’m going to layout what you need to know before you buy the greatest fitness tool in the world!

3 Reasons Why You Should Respect The Kettlebell Size Gaps

Traditionally, kettlebell training offers only a handful of weight options. Typically using increments  of  4k to 8k – 9 to 16 pounds – between sizes. The original reasons for these size gaps were most likely due to limited resources and space – both of which are no longer concerns in gyms today.  But it turns out that the benefits of the traditional gaps between weights are something you should know about. So here they are – the 3 reasons why you should respect the kettlebell size gaps and use them to maximize your fitness.

Don’t Break These Swing Commandments

The Kettlebell Swing is considered the backbone and fundamental exercise in kettlebell training. Known for torching fat and building powerful hips, it’s a movement you should get to know and practice daily! But all to often we see the Kettlebell Swing disgraced by beginners and experienced practitioners alike. So we’ve put together a nice little list of laws that should be honored during the Kettlebell Swing. So here are the official Stronghorn Kettlebell Swing Commandments.

3 Things You Should Know About Functional Fitness and How To Get Started

Functional fitness is one of the biggest buzz words in the fitness world today. Yet most people have no idea what it actually means or why they should care. But you should care because training for functional fitness helps provide strength, stability and mobility needed to excel in both everyday activities, work productivity and sports. Here are 3 things you should know and how you can get started with functional fitness.