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Coach Joe

Joe holds multiple certifications through nationally accredited sources including, but definitely not limited to; Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach through Dragon Door Publications and Personal Trainer / Sports Performance Enhancement through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Valuing education, he plans on continuing his learning and growth in teaching kettlebells and practical healthy lifestyle changes to promote longevity and vitality to his clients and followers. Voted one of Austin's Best Personal Trainers in the Austin Fit Magazine 2017 Best Of Awards, Joe prides himself on making fitness fun and effective for all clients no matter their fitness level. Even though Joe is one of the top personal trainers in the Austin area, he also works with clients remotely and in group classes. Learn more about him HERE.

3 Things You Should Know About Controlled Fasting

Fasting can be perceived and practiced in many different ways. Some only consume water or certain nuts and seeds. Some go for weeks to even month long periods. And now with the Intermittent Fasting techniques flooding the fitness forums, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the different benefits to this way of eating. Here are 3 things you should know before jumping in.

What’s Up With The Get Up?

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Kettlebell Get Up – aka: Turkish Get Up. This is partly due to my attraction to the ancient systems of strength, and at the ripe age of 200, this is one of the oldest tests of strength. But it’s been proven to be more than a test of strength; it’s a test of mental grit, focus, stability and mobility.

The Best Shoulder Mobility Exercise Your NOT Doing Enough

One of the many applications to the Kettlebell is it’s use for mobility. A common place of limited mobility is the Shoulder Girdle and Upper Back. The Kettlebell Halo is one of the best exercises for building strength while also increasing mobility in the shoulders. Here’s how to properly set up, execute and apply the Kettlebell Halo to your fitness program.

3 Reasons To Workout With Your Friends

Getting into a sustainable fitness routine can be downright exhausting. Even if you feel pretty confident in your knowledge of what to do, the commitment to follow through can still be a struggle. And then there’s the dreaded plateau or state of boredom that can derail the best of programs. Joining a fitness group might be the best option to keep you fit, healthy and happy. Here’s why.

  •         “Stronghorn has helped push my fitness all around to another level…”

  •   “My instructor… held me accountable and encouraged me all along the way…”

  • “…every Stronghorn session leaves me feeling stronger, sharper, and well-tired.

  • “After years of maintenance, I’ve seen demonstrable change in my tone and strength.”

  •   “SH is made up of a fantastic group of people that will push you to get the best workout…”

  •   “The trainer and others I work-out with always include me and encourage me when I needed to finish those reps.”

  • “Since joining Stronghorn, I have consistently been in the best shape of my life”

  •   “Stronghorn is a great balance of fitness training and community building.”

  • “I never thought I would gain back my strength after cancer treatments but Stronghorn has helped me to get strong.”

  •   “This program allows me to help workout a number of the stresses I have in my life and make more positive and healthy choices!”

  •   “My core is stronger, I am tougher and more resilient, and I’m capable of so much more than when I started – and gaining still!”