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Are Social Events Ruining Your Weight Loss Efforts? - Stronghorn Fitness

Are Social Events Ruining Your Weight Loss Efforts?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have the best of intentions when it comes to your weight loss goals. But as we all know, life, especially our social obligations, can quickly derail you. Most of the time this happens before we even realize, and by then it’s too late.

So what’s the trick? Lucky for you, Danea has it al outlined. All you have to do is read and take action!

It’s Wednesday but the type of Wednesday that feels like a Monday – you know what I mean. You accidentally slept in and spilled your coffee as you were grabbing your car keys. There’s no way you have time to eat breakfast, so you ignore your growling stomach and head to work.

Upon arrival you remember that your department is having a birthday celebration for your coworker today. Everyone is hanging out in the break room and you eye up the snacks and desserts on the table. That chocolate cake is calling your name. You have to stop in to celebrate your friend anyways, right? “I mean some breakfast is better than no breakfast,” you rationalize as you grab a piece of cake and eat it on the way to your desk.

Friday evening hits and you feel yourself wanting to shrug off every bit of responsibility as you escape into the weekend. All you can think about is how tired you are and the last thing you want to do is make dinner, let alone a healthy one. Then, you remember there’s a new Mexican place that opened up downtown that you were dying to try. So you decide to indulge. You deserve it after a long and hard week, right?

Saturday comes and you’re staring to feel guilty about the past couple days of seemingly small indulgences. Your friend asks you out for Sunday brunch. You think about declining the offer but everyone is going so you have to go, right? You can’t miss brunch with the girls, I mean we live for brunch with the girls!

Now it’s Monday and the scale is up 4 pounds. You’re feeling absolutely devastated. “How can I enjoy a social life without enjoying all the food I want?” and “How can I possibly reach my fitness goals if I keep doing this?”

Here’s the truth sis, you can’t reach your fitness goals eating EVERYTHING you want EVERY time a social event comes up.

But here’s the other side to it, you also don’t have to cut out all the indulgences and fun events in order to keep making progress in your fitness and health.

Here’s the big secret— Moderate it & Plan for it.

How do I do that?

  1. PLAN AHEAD: Look at your calendar and check the social events you want to attend. Do you know what restaurant you’re going to? Look up the menu ahead of time and pick out a couple different items that are healthier options. Maybe think about asking them to cook it with olive oil instead of butter or ask for the dressing on the side. It’s so much easier to be successful if you walk into the restaurant with a plan. If you know you’re going to want take-out on Friday night after a long week, save up your “treat meal” for it, discipline yourself to stay on point the rest of the week so you can really enjoy your favorite egg rolls and orange chicken without feeling guilty!
  2. GET READY TO MAKE SOME SACRIFICES: Look at your calendar and check the social events you want to attend where you know delicious food is going to be involved. I know it’s hard to hear but you cant have it all, all the time. During events that you don’t plan on having a “treat meal” bring your own healthy snacks so you’re not tempted to hang out by the snack bar. Commit to drinking water or sparkling water over sodas and sugary mixed drinks.

I know this can feel annoying but you know what else is annoying? Thinking that the only way you can stay on track with healthy eating is by declining social events. It doesn’t have to be something where you pick one or the other. I promise that there’s a way to balance having a social life while continuing to make progress towards a healthier you.

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