What do I need to bring to the Saturday Sweat Session?

All you need for this community workout, is a mat, water, towel and a friend you can get sweaty with and go chow down some breakfast tacos afterwards!

Do I need a Kettlebell for my FREE week of Sweat Sessions?

If you have a kettlebell, be sure to bring it during your first week. In the case that you do not have a kettlebell yet, the coach will have one for you to borrow for class. Once you have officiall enrolled, we can help you purchase your own.

I see you're in the fitness center of my work building, how can I learn more about the classes and services offered?

While being outside is our bread and butter, we also offer our services in the fitness center we manage. Including personal training, group classes and corporate wellness. You can learn more here.


What’s different between a Saturday Sweat Session and the Sweat Sessions that happen during the week?

The main difference between them is that the Saturday Sweat Session is open to the public and donation based. The Sweat Session throughout the week are a part of our membership and follow a comprehensive program built around kettlebells and bodyweight.

Do you have classes available for beginners or those just getting back into working out?

All of our classes are available to beginners and advanced level athletes, and yes you ARE an athlete! Our workouts are built to encompass group supprt with individualized focus by offering multiple options for exercise selection and intensity. We encourage and motivate without shaming, that’s why we call them Sweat Sessions and not Bootcamps.

How long is the Saturday Sweat Session workout?

We start at 9am and go till 10am. Of course that’s not a full of hour of working out since we sprinkle in time for high fives and connecting with our fit fam.

What does comprehensive programming mean?

There are 2 basic styles of writing workouts, or programming – Randomized and Comprehensive. With comprehensive programming, there is a direct focus on a specific outcome through a means that is mythodically planned and packaged to ensure results. Every program and workout within a program, is goal oriented and results driven. The coaching team sits together to collaborate and discuss every workout.


Do you offer personal coaching and what does that include

Although we love being in groups, we do offer individualized program with both remote coaching and in-person coaching platforms. Think of these like hyper-focused, goal oriented workouts along with lifestyle coaching to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.


Do you only do kettlebell workouts?

It’s true, we do have a bit of an obsession with kettlebells, but by no means is that our only tool in the toolbox. When it comes to Signature Coaching, we custom build our workouts to fit your specific needs and what kind of equipment you have access to.

Do you have classes outside all year round?

Our outdoor classes are year round and happen rain or shine!
We do strategically program around the major holidays and will cancel if the weather is deamed unsafe to be performing high intensity style workouts.