It’s pretty well understood that employees who participate in healthy lifestyles are nearly half as likely to suffer from burn-out, fatigue or depression. Which means that if your team is healthy, they’ll be more productive, creative and happier.

While personal fitness goals are individually set, there are ways you, as a team leader, can help facilitate a healthier and more productive team. Here are 3 ways to get started.

(1) Understand your teams motivations

First, it’s important to know what will inspire and create healthy habits within your team. When it comes to health and fitness, exposing the deeper motivations establish more long term success.

Try This: Send a survey out to your team so you can learn their goals. Then create a word cloud of the most common goals. Hang it up in the break room as a reminder.

(2) Give your team options and opportunities

Your team having access to the fitness center is only going to take them so far. In order to really promote health and wellness, you’ll need to offer them access to more – like a fitness professional and a healthy break room environment, just to name a couple.

Try This: Clean out the break room of all the junk food and replace them with healthier options like: Dried fruit, nuts, jerky, yogurt, etc.

(3) Show your team support

In order to really get your team to buy-in to your health initiative, they’ll need to know they have your support. This can take many forms, such as a fitness challenge, accountability board, reimbursement for gym memberships and the like. Explore different options and pick the one that fits your team best.

Try This: Create a Take-The-Stairs competition and reward the team-member who uses the stairs the most in a month.

Need More Help?

We offer FREE, no obligation consultations for individuals, teams and companies. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to help build a health and wellness initiative for your team.

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Coach Joe

Joe holds multiple certifications through nationally accredited sources including, but definitely not limited to; Hardstyle Kettlebell Coach through Dragon Door Publications and Personal Trainer / Sports Performance Enhancement through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Valuing education, he plans on continuing his learning and growth in teaching kettlebells and practical healthy lifestyle changes to promote longevity and vitality to his clients and followers. Voted one of Austin's Best Personal Trainers in the Austin Fit Magazine 2017 Best Of Awards, Joe prides himself on making fitness fun and effective for all clients no matter their fitness level. Even though Joe is one of the top personal trainers in the Austin area, he also works with clients remotely and in group classes. Learn more about him HERE.

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