What are Sweat Sessions?

What are Sweat Sessions?

Grab life by the bells!

Austin’s only kettlebell workout using comprehensive programming, functional movements, and community support to promote daily progress in strength, mobility and endurance.


Your first week of Stronghorn Sweat Sessions is free at all locations and for as many workouts as you’re able to sweat through. Join us for a week and get to know our programs and our amazing community.



The focus during Speed Sessions is explosive movements. Lots of jumping, sprinting and short (2-4minutes) rounds. Goal here is to tax those fast twitch muscle fibers and make them work more efficiently increasing our speed.


The focus of Stamina rounds is to bring the lungs into the equation. Utilizing high rep range (50-100reps) and long rounds (20-25minutes) forces our lungs to become more efficient at providing our muscles with oxygen to continue working over the lengthy round times and high rep ranges.


Focuses on compound movements and medium length rounds (4-8min). Goal here is hypertrophy of the muscles and using resistance and big movements to force muscles to become stronger though challenging workload.